Your body’s largest organ is your skin — which means that one of the keys to aging gracefully and maintaining a healthy complexion involves treating it with care. Few things can match the feeling of soft and silky skin, and taking care of your skin is one of the best ways to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

While maintaining a skincare regimen at home is important, sometimes it’s good to leave the best skincare routines to the professionals. There are many health benefits associated with visiting a registered skin expert at a spa or beauty bar.

In this blog, we’ll review some of the many (and even unexpected) benefits of facials.

They Relieve Stress

Believe it or not, facials aren’t just about making your face look good. They’re also an excellent form of stress relief, and possess the unique ability to relieve psychological distress. Studies have proven that a facial massage can activate your sympathetic nervous system, which can help reduce your anxiety levels and improve your mood.

Why does this happen? The face contains hundreds of pressure points, which are connected to a multitude of systems within the body. When these pressure points are stimulated, the body responds accordingly.

Aside from the scientific evidence, facials are also a great way to promote deep relaxation. Many clients report feeling more relaxed within an hour of receiving a facial. As stress is also known to trigger other related skin conditions (such as rosacea, acne and skin inflammation), facials are a great way to keep these problems at bay.

They Reduce Congestion

One of the most unexpected benefits of receiving a facial is that they are capable of reducing congestion, including sinus issues and clogged skin. If you regularly suffer from any sort of congestion, a facial massage might be right for you.

As your skin is gently massaged during a facial, the combination of pressure, warmth and movement can effectively break down mucus buildup and help clear your sinuses. A facial can also help relieve sinus discomfort.

Massaging your face with a professional facial cleanser can also reduce skin congestion and help prevent further blockages from building beneath the surface. The deep, thorough cleanse offered by a facial will help clean the skin and soften any blocked sebum in the pores, providing a thorough type of blackhead removal. With more effective resurfacing agents, facials are also a great way to rid the face of any excess dead skin cells.

Peels that contain salicylic acid are an ideal choice for reducing congestion, as they can scoop  debris from inside the pores and reduce inflammation.

They Promote Better Circulation

Just as a body massage promotes circulation in the shoulders or back, your face muscles require the same level of care.

In addition to improving your skin, facial massages help boost blood and lymph circulation — which increase the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Studies suggest that a five-minute facial massage can increase skin blood flow by up to 25%. After five weeks, clients can see a significant improvement in blood-flow response to heat.

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