As the summer weather heats up, most people offset the heat by wearing shorts or skirts. If you are a tad hairy, you might find yourself spending a little more time shaving the bikini area, arms, legs, and underarms. For men, shaving the face is probably one of the areas that take up a considerable amount of time. The good thing, however, is that you can save time and money by eliminating the need to shave now and then. This can be achieved with a laser treatment. 

The process of laser hair removal involves the use of quick pulses of laser energy to destroy hair follicles. The procedure is not only effective in removing hair but can also be used to permanently reduce the quantity and quality of the remaining hair. The treatment can address all your hair removal needs. That said, why is it better than shaving? Here are the top reasons you should turn to this treatment.  

It Yields More Permanent Results 

The main reason both men and women in Etobicoke opt for laser treatment is that the procedure leads to permanent results. With shaving, regardless of how close you get, you will have to repeat the process every few days to maintain the results. Researchers estimate that an average man spends a total of 45 days shaving his face, whereas women spend 72 days of their lives shaving. This doesn’t account for the time spent threading, plucking and waxing. The reason for spending this much time shaving is that you are only cutting the hair from the surface of your skin. The hair roots and follicles remain intact. This means hair will grow back within no time. 

Laser treatment takes care of this problem by destroying the hair roots and follicles that support the roots. During a laser treatment, the laser energy is absorbed by the hair and travels all the way to the hair follicle. The laser energy causes the follicles to heat up and eventually get damaged. This slows down how fast hair regrows. When done regularly, laser hair removal can destroy the hair follicles completely, thus leading to permanent results. 

It is Safe

While the process of laser treatment might seem risky, it is completely safe. This is because laser energy only affects the hair. This means that no matter how often you get the treatment, your skin will not be damaged. Moreover, the treatment is no longer reserved predominantly for persons with light skin and dark hair. Thanks to advances in laser technology, it can also be used even after getting a skin tan. However, getting a skin tan before laser treatment is discouraged.  

Sleek Results 

Shaving, plucking and waxing all cause skin irritation. Shaving also increases the risk of ingrown hairs, which, needless to say, are quite unattractive and can be painful. The ingrown hairs can leave the skin looking warty. Laser hair removal in Etobicoke will leave your skin looking and feeling smooth. This is because the hair is zapped away, thus eliminating all the side effects of using a razor. 

Another common problem with shaving is that you will be left with stubbles. These can be uncomfortable not just for you but also for your partner. This issue is eliminated with laser hair removal. The best thing is that the treatment can be used to eliminate unwanted hair from any part of the body, including sensitive bikini areas. 

It is Cost Effective 

Most people are discouraged by the initial upfront fee when considering laser hair removal. The truth is that the cost of shaving and using other hair removal techniques adds up. From shaving creams and razors to regular wax treatments, you may spend hundreds of dollars each year to eliminate unwanted hair. The cost is even higher when you consider the amount of time wasted keeping the hair at bay. 

Laser treatments in Etobicoke are smart investments. The treatment will save you time and money. While the initial cost may be higher, it will pay for itself, considering how long the results will last. 

Get the Treatment Anytime 

A razor only works on hair that is already on the surface. This means if you have in-grown hair, you will have to use alternative treatments to remove those hairs. If you are thinking about waxing, you cannot book an appointment until you have some hair on the surface of your skin. You will also have to make a waxing appointment at least once a month. 

One of the best things about laser hair removal is that you never have to wait for hair to grow or keep worrying about your next appointment. Laser treatment will keep unwanted hair at bay. You also don’t need to have some hair on the surface for the treatment to work. As a matter of fact, it is recommended to shave before laser treatment. It doesn’t matter which stage you are at with unwanted hair growth; you can make a laser hair removal appointment to maintain baby-smooth skin. 

There are numerous more benefits that come with laser hair removal in Etobicoke. As you may have noticed, the treatment eliminates the side effects of other hair removal techniques. However, for you to get the best results, you must be careful where you get the treatment. You must pick a spa with a qualified team that uses advanced equipment for hair removal. If you are looking for a good place to start, Urban Beauty Bar will be your best choice in Etobicoke. Our laser hair removal equipment has a cooling tip that promotes more comfort and a seamless transition to super smooth, hair-free skin. Give us a call to find out more about our laser treatment.