The beginning of winter in Etobicoke undoubtedly brings about many changes, the main one being skin changes. The difference in how the skin feels or looks is often unnoticeable initially, but the irritation, scaling, and dryness can quickly become overwhelming without proper management and mitigation. Mitigation processes differ according to every skin type. However, you should always use high-oil-content products that can replace the low lipid levels. Using increased humectants is also advisable because it balances the skin, but you can also improve your exfoliation routine.

How facials work

Conventional home-based skincare techniques are good but may not be effective in winter. You may require a high level of expertise that matches the harshness of the seasonal weather. Professional products and routines include the active ingredients not available in many homecare products – their effectiveness comes from their intensity. That is why most treatments work instantly, supplementing the components missing from the skin to make it healthier. For instance, professional peels have specific ingredients that kill bacteria for optimal results.

You do not have to wait until skin issues crop up before seeking non-surgical skin treatment. The relaxation you can get from the procedures can leave you feeling pampered, which could be perfect for the freezing weather. Regular facials in Etobicoke will take care of minimal skin imperfections like acne to restore your comfort throughout the season.

Why you need facials in Etobicoke during winter

The seasonal dryness in winter, combined with the enhanced use of indoor heating units, sucks moisture from the skin rapidly. The decreasing level of humidity and increasing evaporation rate from compromised hydro-lipidic barrier only worsen the situation. The skin also tightens when there is insufficient sebum production in winter, which is why you may become more sensitive to temperature changes and natural elements. Luckily, adjusting your skincare routine in Etobicoke can improve your appearance significantly. The correct facial treatment can rehydrate, improve circulation, deep cleanse, and repair or reset your skin to reintroduce the lost summer glow.


Using a moisturizer is not enough during winter – you must add protective measures to provide the nourishment your skin requires. Remember, regular skincare routines cannot mitigate the impact of the dry air outside and warm air indoors. That is where non-surgical skin treatment comes in – as one of the best ways to prevent flaky skin. The treatment differs according to your skin type, but it brings an unmatched freshness that leave you feeling rejuvenated.

For best results, drink lots of fluids also, especially water. Skin care procedures provide nourishment from the outside while water elevates the skin from the inside. The result is an all-rounded restoration that soothes you and leaves your skin as shiny as before.

Better circulation

If you get black spots or blemishes regularly, improving circulation will be necessary for you in winter. The seasonal weather often speeds up the skin drying process and increases the rate at which dead cells accumulate. Pores clog quickly, resulting in blemishes or acne scars. Getting a facial treatment that promotes healing, cleanses, and unlocks pores is vital. One of the options you can try is micro-needling, but there are other alternatives your healthcare provider can recommend depending on the exact issue and your skin type. Therapy treatments target fine lines and scars, leaving your skin revitalized.

Skin repair

UV rays do not stop being a menace in winter – cold air does not necessarily translate to the sun not being hot. You can still suffer adverse effects from prolonged exposure, especially without sunscreen protection. The longer you go without trying to reverse the damage, the worse they get. Regular facial treatments can restore your skin to its original state.

Brighten the skin

The longer dead cells remain on your skin, the duller it becomes. You might end up with discolorations that a facial treatment can solve. You can try exfoliating at home, but professional treatments can provide better results. A good example is a Morpheus8 treatment that tightens the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and unevenness. You can get smooth skin with little to no pigmentation and guaranteed even skin texture.

You can maintain a youthful look, thanks to reduced wrinkles and other signs of aging, with your skin radiating a smooth and even complexion that makes you a sight to behold. Urban Beauty Bar is available if you need to know more about why facials are fundamental in the winter in Etobicoke or some of the best treatments that will leave you refreshed and happier. Pre-care and post-care services are available to ensure you get comprehensive attention that eliminates superficial lines and other skin issues.